HTH Extra Super Shock


With HTH Extra Super Shock you can keep your pool sparkling clean all summer long with 75% available chlorine and a formula that is 15% stronger than regular HTH shock. This fast-dissolving formula make quick work or your tired and dirty pool water and helps to provide a safe and balanced experience. Ensure your pH is between 7.2 - 7.6 before shocking and test your water regularly to know when to use this shock. Use HTH Extra Super Shock weekly to kill algae and bacteria and keep your water that beautiful clear blue every pool owner wants.


  • 6 kg. tub
  • Patented formula is 15% stronger than normal HTH shock
  • Quick-dissolving formula for best results
  • Use for weekly cleaning for best results
  • Kills algae and bacteria


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HTH Extra Super Shock 600x400

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