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Pool Opening Service

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When spring is just around the corner you know it’s time to start preparing your backyard retreat for fun in the sun. Let our seasoned service technicians take care of opening your pool to start the season off on the right foot, and have confidence knowing the job is done right.

With a Pool Opening from Boldt Pools, you know summertime fun has just begun.


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  • Please ensure: your yard is free of dog waste, your pet is secure inside your house, your gate is unlocked & that we have access to your pool & equipment.
  • Empty sump well 24 hrs prior to opening (if applicable)
  • Power on the sump pump (if turned off at the breaker/fuse panel, if applicable).
  • Hose is accessible & turned on from inside the house.
  • No one needs to be home for the appt.
  • Notify our Service Dept. immediately if there are any issues (ie; missing plumbing, broken equipment, etc). Additional repairs such as these may result in extra charges or rescheduling.
  • Ensure your pool equipment is not blocked by anything stored away for the winter. If we do not have direct access to your equipment, we may reschedule your appt.
  • Plan ahead. If you are planning a pool party, book your opening 2 weeks prior to give enough time for cleaning.


Lock-In Covers - You MUST store lock-in cover in a proper container and fill the container with water. Add 1 L of concentrated algaecide. DO NOT STORE COVERS DRY.

Safety Covers - If the water level is high enough to run the pump, our opening crew will shock the water with chlorine but you will need to balance the rest of the chemicals (depending on clarity, you may need to add additional chlorine). Our opening crew does not lower the water level.

After the pool has circulated for 48 hours, bring a water sample in for free testing and balance instructions. Seized safety cover anchors cannot be repaired or replaced at the opening. A separate service call is needed to provide replacement anchors (additional service rates may apply).

Salt Pools - The salt chlorinator will not be turned on at the opening. Use liquid chlorine or HTH shock to raise the chlorine level until your salt chlorinator can be used. Bring in a water sample for free testing and balance instructions. When the salt level is at the operating level, and the temp. has reached 70F or 20C, your salt system can be turned on or plugged in.


Cleaning the pool is not included with a Pool Opening.

Spring Pool Cleanings can be scheduled when booking your pool opening. If your pool is very dirty, it may require more than one cleaning visit. If there is a lot of algae, the first cleaning visit will likely involve brushing the walls, floor and shocking with chlorine (a vacuum may not take place). We recommend at least two cleanings, but more can be purchased. The first cleaning should be done 1-3 days after the pool is opened. Cleanings do not include chemical balancing or equipment maintenance. This service is NOT meant to get your pool perfectly clean, but to remove the majority of debris. If you feel you would benefit from regular cleanings and chemical balancing throughout the season, inquire about our Weekly Maintenance Program.

The lighting of pool heaters needs to be done by licensed gas fitters (due to the Technical Standards Safety Authority (T.S.S.A.) and in accordance with CSA regulations). We can book a separate service to have our licensed gas-fitter come and clean, service and ignite your heater for a separate service fee. Even electronic ignition heaters will benefit from annual cleaning and testing.

Inquire about our Annual Heater Maintenance Program to prolong the lifespan of your heater.

Please download this PDF for important information about your pool opening.