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Pool Opening Service

Let the experts do the work for you

When spring is just around the corner you know it’s time to start preparing your backyard retreat for fun in the sun. Let our seasoned service technicians take care of opening your pool to start the season off on the right foot, and have confidence knowing the job is done right.

With a Pool Opening from Boldt Pools, you know summertime fun has just begun.

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  • Remove water and debris from the cover
  • Rinse and brush cover while on pool
  • Fold cover & water bags
  • Re-install pool fittings
  • Remount pool accessories & deck equipment
  • Start water circulation (provided that the water is at operating level or water access available)
  • Add chemical kit (if purchased)

What's NOT Included:

  • Vacuuming the pool
  • Balancing the water chemistry
  • We do not re-install drop-in stair units
  • Accessories with missing or broken hardware

What You Need To Do

  • Provide access and use of your garden hose and water tap
  • Turn off garden hose when your pool is full
  • We recommend you bring in a water sample to your nearest dealer afterwards even if your water looks clear


  • We do not service the following types of pools:
    • Pools that are inflatable or have a hanging steel frame. This includes: Intext, Bestway, Summer Waves, etc.

  • Lock-in Covers:
    You must store your lock-in cover in a proper container and fill the container with water. Add approximately 500ml (1L) of concentrated algaecide. DO NOT STORE THESE COVERS DRY OR DAMAGE WILL OCCUR.
  • Saltwater Pools:
    Salt chlorinators will not start generating chlorine until the water has been tested & balanced with salt levels in range, or until the water temperature has reached and maintained 70 F (21C) or higher.
  • Pool Heaters:
    The lighting of pool heaters needs to be done by licensed gas fitters (due to Technical Standards Safety Authority (TSSA) and in accordance with CSA regulations. We can refer you to a licensed professional that can clean, service, and ignite your heater for a nominal fee.
  • Timing of The Booking:
    The timing of the pool opening is an “open window”. Our technicians will be sending an email when they’re on the way to your property, and a second one once they have completed the job with a report attached. Our technicians will also put your appointment in a “queue” during the morning of the opening. Please refer to this for their approximate arrival at your property.