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FastLane Installation

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Gone are the days of counting strokes before you turn, flip, and head back to the other side. With the Fastlane from Endless Pools, your swimming experience will truly be endless. This unique swim system allows you to convert your existing swimming pool into an endless pool that produces a strong yet smooth current that simulates the feeling of swimming endlessly. Use the Fastlane to train with no end in sight, or have some fun with family and friends by taking your classic marco polo game up a notch.

The Fastlane consists of two parts: 1. The remotely located hydraulic power unit which powers the swim current which is typically located near your pool equipment for safety. 2. Swim unit that mounts to the side of your pool and provides the current to your water. The Fastlane provides the unique ability to be retrofitted to almost any pool, including most above ground pools. The unit can be placed in water as shallow as 35”, so if the water is deep enough to swim in, it’s more than likely deep enough for a Fastlane.


5hp power unit

Remote hydraulic power unit contains 5 gallons of biodegradable vegetable-based hydraulic fluid

Power the Fastlane using remote control that features simple operation allowing you to control water speed

Single 30-amp, 220-volt GFCI circuit required

Can be installed in water as shallow as 35”

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