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Vinyl Leak Detection

Let the experts do the work for you

Concerned your pool is leaking or perhaps you aren’t quite certain? We can help put your mind at ease with a series of leak detection tests to determine the extent of your leak. Our team can help determine whether it’s evaporation or if you’re in need of a repair.

Should you find that you require further assistance in identifying and repairing a leak in your pool, our Service Department’s trained professionals are here to help!

We offer the following professional Leak Detection Services for your pool:

  • Electronic Search and Locate – Electronically search the pool for any holes within the liner and locate ONLY.
  • Dive to repair – If the location of the leak is found in the liner, our team will dive to repair it with a clear vinyl patch over the top of your existing liner.
  • DSR – Electronically search the exterior first, drain the pool, and perform a full under-the-liner search and repair. This is also known as, Drain Search and Repair or DSR and is eligible for pools with a vinyl liner under 3 years old.
  • **Please note: Additional out-of-area distance charges could apply based on territory/geography, as determined by our Service Department

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