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Vinyl Lock-in Winter Covers are made out of a vinyl material similar to the material of pool liners with a standard bead design. In order to purchase a vinyl lock-in winter cover, we must first measure and confirm the dimensions of your pool as most of the covers will be custom-made. Before reaching out, please confirm that your pool has the second (top) channel around the coping to ensure it qualifies for this type of cover. The second coping channel receives the bead of the cover to lock the cover into the coping, which covers the pool and protects it over the winter. As a bonus, we are proud to say that our lock-in covers are all Canadian-made!


  • Did we install your pool?
  • Is your pool an Inground or Onground pool?
  • Have you had a lock-in cover before?
  • Do you have the second (top) channel or “track” around the coping of your pool?
  • What is the longest width and length of your pool?

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