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Filter Media

With Filtraballs, You Can Stop Using Sand In Your Filter!

Stop using sand in your filter thanks to Filtraballs! Filtraballs are easier to use, cleaner to change and offer better filtration! Replace the sand in your new or existing sand filter with Filtraballs Filter Media and experience the difference! Filtraballs are reusable, eco-friendly and are made from 100% polyethylene; these balls will last for years while filtering particles down to 10 microns. Product Fact: 1 box of Filtraballs is equivalent to 50 pounds of normal filter sand!

We recommend that you open your filter tank and rinse your Filtraballs clean once a month to ensure that they continue to filter properly as backwashing may not fully remove debris from Filtraballs. Please do not use clarifier products in your pool while using Filtraballs, as doing so can ruin the media. Is it recommended that you still add some sand to the bottom of your filter tank, prior to adding the balls, in order to properly support the filter laterals.


  • Cleaner alternative to sand
  • High dirt capacity
  • Lowest pressure increase
  • No clogging technology
  • Long product life
  • Washer and dryer friendly
  • Easy to dispose of
  • Non-toxic formula
  • Light weight for easy handling; one box weighs less then 2 pounds
  • Filters particles down to 10 microns

Directions For use:

  • Power down your pump
  • Open your filter tank
  • Empty any existing media and from the tank & clean the tank thoroughly
  • Add some sand to the bottom of your filter tank – this is used to support the filters laterals
  • Ensure your filter’s laterals are completely covered
  • Fill the rest of the filter with Filtraballs
  • Close your filter tank & power on your pump

Please refer to our manual below for further instructions and warnings.



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