Nature2 Vinyl Vessel

Nature2 Water Purifier

Nature2 Gunite Vessel

The Nature2 Vinyl Vessel is a natural mineral purifier for swimming pools that gives the purest, clearest water imaginable. Zodiac’s Nature2 mineral sanitizing products for pool and spa dramatically reduce the need for heavy doses of chlorine and provide an eco-friendly choice for pool and spa maintenance. Use less chlorine with the Nature2. Less chlorine means no more harsh odours, red stinging eyes, dry skin, or bleached swimwear. You can also save time usually spent on maintenance thanks to minerals that assist in controlling bacteria and algae.


  • “No Stain” Warranty
  • For use with Vinyl liner pools
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with your existing automatic chlorine system
  • Twist top for easy cartridge removal and insertion

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