Aqua Lamp Rainbow Rays LED

Pool Lighting

Aqua Lamp Rainbow Rays LED Pool Light

The Aqua Lamp Rainbow Rays LED Pool Light will brighten your night with a rainbow of colours. This incredible piece of technology has been engineered to emit an array of colours from the LED lights witin that slowly transition from colour to colour, or can be viewed in a strobe display. Changing colours is as easy as flipping a switch while the LED bulbs provide you with up to 10 times more lifespan than traditional bulbs by using only 30 watts.


  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Remote control included for ease
  • Low voltage light system (12V) for safety

Colour Options:

  • Rainbow Colour Select: White, Blue, Green, Pink, and Turquoise
  • Rainbow Transition: All colours transition
  • Rainbow Blue/Green: Blue and green transition
  • Rainbow Flash: Strobe of all colours

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