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V-Pump Empties a Hot Tub In Only 30 Minutes! Need to pump water out of your pool or hot tub with no hassle? Bothered by water in your basement or construction site? Try our revolutionary submersible water pump. V-Pump is a simple and dynamic high velocity water pump that requires no electricity and has no moving parts. It’s inexpensive and easy to use.

No Moving Parts! There is no motor to oil or propeller to break. This water valve utilizes water pressure from a standard garden htwiose to suck mud and water from any flooded area. It has multiple drain hose options. The outlet valve allows you to use a standard garden hose or sleeve a larger pool hose around the outlet for even better performance. Also, it does not have a screened inlet like most submersible pumps, it is capable of passing more solid materials such as small leaves, pebbles and other debris without clogging.


  • Innovative design uses the water pressure from the hose to create suction. It can move unwanted liquid or mud up to 1200 gallons per hour. The patented design uses water pressure from a garden hose to create extreme pumping power
  • It costs less than a standard submersible utility water pump. You can keep the extra money and the V-Pump in the same back pocket.
  • This water valve is small but mighty. We have performed up to 40′ in discharge height. 1 part water in, 10 parts water out.
  • You can use it for pools, ponds, boats, basements, on-site construction and more. You’ll find it is perfect for emptying pipe trenches, bailing out a boat, or pumping down a flooded basement. How can the V-pump make youre next job even easier?


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V-Pump portable Hot Tub or Pool Pump 060400

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