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X2000 SwimCross Endless Pools Exercise System

Endless Pools®-SwimCross




  • 5Seats
  • 39Jets

The X2000 SwimCross Endless Pools Exercise System blends the innovative use of both leisure and exercise. In comparison to other jetted models, the SwimCross Endless Pools Exercise System stands out as unique and compelling, as the smooth current produced by its air-free jets cater to a variety of water workouts for swimmers of all ages and skill levels. Comprised of a total of five jets, that are driven by two separate pumps, the two swim spa components work tirelessly to create a stream that is much more powerful than the average jet.

Let this 20-foot, dual-temperature swim spa provide your family with at-home access to swimming, fitness, relaxation, and increased quality time. The remarkable design and revolutionary function of the X2000 SwimCross Exercise System combine the best of both worlds with its fully equipped 15′ of Endless Pool Exercise Systems, and 5′ of Hot Tub relaxation. 

The X2000 features two sections:

Swim Side – Airless five-jet swim system, you can stay active at a comfortable 82 degrees. At 58″, it’s our deepest SwimCross for added core engagement and greater comfort. The Fitness (Swim) Area features grab rails for balance and to anchor any fitness gear option. At 15′ long, the Fitness Area gives the whole family plenty of room for fun and activity. You’ll love the SwimCross swim system, which gives you a quality jetted swim with our smooth, variable-speed current. To easily keep your water crystal clear, the X2000 swim area combines Ultraviolet C (UVC) with eco-friendly CD Ozone. This dual water-purification system needs very little chlorine.

Spa Side –  Unwind, at up to 104 degrees, with 34 hydromassage jets. Each of the four ergonomically designed spa seats features unique jet configurations for total body luxury. On the spa side, CD Ozone and a dedicated filtration pump help keep water fresh at all times.

When you’re not working out with the featured Rowing Kit or Swim Tether, enjoy the relief of the powerful jets soothing your tired muscles. Placing all other benefits aside, this luxurious unit is not only guaranteed to be the focal point of your outdoor space but will most definitely serve as your most prized entertainment piece!

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X2000 SwimCross Endless Pools Exercise System


X2000 SwimCross Endless Pools Exercise System
Seating 5 Adults
Dimensions 20’ L X 58” H X 89” W
Swim Side: 15’ L X 58” H X 89” W
Spa Side: 5’ L X 38” H X 89” W
Water Capacity Swim Side: 2,000 Gallons
Spa Side: 350 Gallons
Weight 4,090 lbs. (Dry)
25,815 lbs. (Filled)
Lighting System Swim Side - 14 Multi-Color LED Points of Light & 5” Main Light & Illumination Bar
Spa Side - 12 Multi-Color LED Points of Light
Jet Details Hydromassage Jets - 34 (2 large, 2 rotary, 4 directional, 26 mini)
5 Swim Jets - (320 gallons/minute max.)
Water Feature Swim Side - 2 Illuminated Waterfalls
Spa Side - 1 Illuminated Waterfall
Heater Swim Side - 4000w/230v
Spa Side - 4000w/230v
Circulation Pump Swim Side -High-Flow Circulation Pump
Spa Side- Filtration Pump
Ozone System Swim Side - UVC + CD Ozone
Spa Side- CD Ozone
Control System Swim Side - LCD Control Panel 230v/60amp, 60 Hz, includes G.F.C.I. protected sub-panel
Spa Side - LCD Control Panel
 X2000 SwimCross Endless Pools Exercise System  

Endless Pools - LCD Control Panel

Usse the elegant and innovative LCD control panel to manage all of your preferences. This digital interface offers push button technology that’s easy to use, and is conveniently placed poolside for easy access. Manage your water flow and temperature with the control panel that’s easily visible night or day.

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  • X2000 SwimCross Endless Pools Exercise System
  • X2000 SwimCross Endless Pools Exercise System

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