Confer Curve Base Add-On Unit

Steps and Ladders

The Confer Curve Base Add-On Unit allows you to expand your Confer Curve Base 4-Step Staircase and create that wedding cake look that so many pool owners desire. Like the 4-step staircase, the Curve Base Add-On continues the two tone colour scheme to seamlessly blend the two staircases together without anyone knowing the difference. Whether you choose the inward or outward tread pattern design on your 4-step staircase, your steps will flow into the Curve Add-On stairs to provide more room for entry as well as acting as an interior seat for you and your guests.


Capacity: 400 lbs.

Tread width: 27″

Tread depth: 10”

Riser height: 11”

Unit depth: 32”

Handrail height from top step: 30”

Height to top tread: 47”

Mounting bracket length: 24”

Complete curve system width: 58”

Confer Curve Base Add-On Unit

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