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Fabrene Winter Cover

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Fabrene Winter Covers Prevent Algae Growth During Winter!

Fabrene Winter Covers are available for above ground and inground swimming pools. The strength of a winter cover depends on the number of weaves. Our winter covers have a higher weave count, and the tighter weave fabric blocks out harmful UV rays, preventing algae growth in your pool during the winter! All covers are treated to provide maximum resistance to damaging UV rays to inhibit deterioration and increase longevity.

Every cover comes with additional material (approx. 4′ overhang for Above Ground and 6′ overhang for Inground) to ensure your pool is fully covered for the off season. On larger top rail above ground pools (6″ and greater) it is recommended to go one size larger (ex. for a 24′ pool, go up to a 27′ cover).

Standard Blue/Black Covers: 7 Year Pro Rated Warranty, 1 Year Full Warranty

Supreme Silver/Black Covers: 15 Year Pro Rated Warranty, 3 Year Full Warranty



** Prices reflect in-store pick up only. Taxes extra.

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