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Backwash Hose 25mil

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A Backwash Hose Is An Essential Item For Every Pool Owner!

This handy item is constructed of heavy duty materials to allow you to backwash your filter and clean out the dirt and debris that has accumulated over time. You’ll need to backwash occasionally as you notice the pressure in your filter is too high, signalling that debris may be blocking the water from pushing through to your return. When you backwash, you’ll want a hose long enough to reach from your plumbing to your curb, storm drain, or grass where the water can be relieved.


  • Fits on standard 1.5” fitting
  • Constructed of heavy duty materials
  • A must have for pool owners

Available Sizes:

  • 25 Mil.: 25′, 50′, 100′, 200′
Backwash Hose 25mil
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ACC-LF500112025PS (25FT 25mil)$9.99
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ACC-LF500112050PS (50FT 25mil)$20.99
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ACC-LF500112100PI (100FT 25mil)$34.99
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ACC-LF500112200PI (200FT 25mil)$73.99
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