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Solar Reel with Casters; Easily Exceeding Expectations!

The Feherguard Solar Reel System with Casters is designed with many convenient features, and constructed for durability. The ‘Three-way’ end design makes the blanket handler a perfect fit for Inground pools, and Above ground pools with decking. Suitable dimensions for Inground pools: 13’4″ to 20′ (4.06m to 6.1m) wide and up to 40′ (12.1m) long. This unique three way design enables stationary placement, fence/wall mounting, or mobility. Simply attach the included easy lock casters for easy movement.
Quality is a major focus at Feherguard. From their patented Rib-Locking Tube System, to their rarely used ‘No Hassle’ Warranty. They strive to provide their customers with simply one thing: A Reel System that Exceeds Expectations.


  • Unique three way design enables stationary placement, fence or wall mounting, or mobility
  • Easy-lock casters to provide stability
  • Convenient and durable handles on both ends
  • Wide track bearings for easy cover rolling
  • Perfect for Inground pools, or Above grounds with decks
  • Note: roller tubes are not pre-drilled, and will require punching
Feherguard Solar Reel with Casters FGBH

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