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Solar Blanket Sun Ring, The New Way To Retain Heat!
The Solar Blanket Sun Ring in Blue is a solar swimming pool heat retention device made from two sheets of heavyweight U.V. resistant vinyl. The top later traps insulating air and directs the sunlight to the lower blue colour layer. The lower blue layer absorbs approximately 50% of the suns rays and transfers the heat. Any additional rays are passing through the the deep parts of the pool.

Solar Blanket Sun Rings are designed to be compatible with automatic pool cleaners. These rings can help prevent evaporation and relay those savings in water and chemical costs.


  • One Solar Blanket Sun Ring is 5′ in diameter and 18 mil thick
  • Manufacturer suggests that you cover 60% of your pool surface to get the greatest benefit (this means that they are 60% as effective as a complete solar blanket)
  • Also available in a Palm Tree Print


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