Leaf Skimmer With Swivel Wheels

The Leaf Skimmer with Swivel Wheels, Making Sure You’re Fall Ready!

The Leaf Skimmer with Swivel Wheels is the Perfect Buy for the Fall Season!

This skimmer makes cleaning pesky leaf debris on the bottom of your pool, a breeze. Thanks to the wheels, they help you maneuver around tough corners and edges to get the leaves. You can be done much faster, with half the effort. The leaf skimmer with swivel wheels measures 14 3/4” by 37.5cm. It’s convenient size makes it small enough to fit just about anywhere, but large enough to make a big impact when cleaning.

Cleaning your pool just got A whole lot easier!


  • Easy to maneuver swivel wheels
  • Convenient Size
  • Collects pesky leaf debris in hard to reach areas
  • Measures: 14 3/4” by 37.5cm


Leaf Skimmer with Swivel Wheels 075030BU

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