Vanto 7 person hot tub


A non-lounge hot tub, the Vanto® model features the same stylish design and powerful spa jetting system found on the popular-selling hot tub Vacanza® Series. The Vanto is versatile for entertaining friends and family with room for up to 7 adults at one time, or for enjoying time alone. Let the Vanto’s 35 hydrotherapy jets sooth your aching muscles and rejuvinate your mind and body.

Enjoy six vibrant colours one at a time, or use the colour wheel to automatically rotate through the spectrum. Four lights are located in the footwell to illuminate the interior of the spa. Six lights above the water line create a dazzling displey on the water’s surface. When the hot tub is turned on, watch the lights dance on the water to create a relaxing and soothing ambience.




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  • 7Seats
  • 35Jets
 Caldera Vacanza Vanto 7 Person Hot Tub 


Seating 7 Adults
Dimensions 7’ x 7’ x 36"
Water Capacity 375 gallons
1,420 litres
Weight 847 lbs./384 kg. dry
5,200 lbs./2,359 kg. filled
Lighting System Ten dimmable mutli-colour LED points of light
Jet Details 3 AdaptaSSage Jets
5 AdaptaFlo Jets
27 Euro Jets
Water Feature Acquarella
Heater 4,000w/230v
Circulation Pump 2 ReliaFlo® Pumps
Ozone System Monarch CD (optional)
Control System Solid-state electronic with LCD display
 Caldera Vacanza Vanto 7 Person Hot Tub   

Auxiliary Control Panel

Controlling your hot tub is as simple as 1 2 relax with the easy to use Auxiliary Control Panel featured on all Vacanza models. This simple control panel provides you the option to target specific jets, air flow, and lighting, all in one convenient controlle.

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