Deluxe 8 ft – 16 ft Telescopic Green Vacuum Pole

Vacuum Poles

Take the stress off of cleaning with the Deluxe Telescopic Vacuum Pole!

This deluxe telescopic vacuum pole is extremely durable, and universally compatible. Extending from 8′ – 16′ feet in length, this vacuum pole makes cleaning, manageable in those hard to reach areas. Each pole features a green, rubber handle for easy grip.


  • Made from durable, thick aluminum
  • Extends from 8 ft – 16 ft in length
  • Very strong external cam
  • Strong rubber (green) hand grip
  • Easy storage due to varied length(s)
  • Easy operation due to hand grip
  • Designed to fit most skimmer nets, brushes and vacuum heads


deluxe telesopic pole

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