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Rodent Rescue Animal Ramp; Helping to Save One Critter At A Time!
The Rodent Rescue animal ramp is a brand new and innovative product that allows animals to exit your pool. This device can help prevent small animals like frogs, squirrels, chipmunks, snakes and some others from drowning.

If small reptiles or rodents fall into your swimming pool, they can cling onto the Rodent Rescue animal ramp and climb out. It can be placed anywhere along your pools’ edge. To get the greatest benefit, place this device in front of your skimmer opening. The open foam core allows water to pass through which doubles this device as a filter.

Made from durable polyether foam, this allows water to pass through easily but creates a rigid material that animals can crawl out from your pool. To clean, simply remove, rinse off, and re-apply.

This product is Made in Canada.

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Rodent Rescue

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