Pool Buster Cleaner

Manual Vacuums

Pool Buster Manual Vacuum; Cleaning your pool with Ease and Flexibility!

The Pool Buster is the commercial grade manual cleaner for any residential pool using its Ultra-High Flow pump which provides 33% more suction. 
Designed to clean the largest pools with ease, this cleaner uses an Ultra-High Flow pump to provide more power and suction than a standard pool cleaner. This cleaner gains all of this power without sacrificing the versatile 10 3/4 inch flexible vacuum head, the integrated spot cleaning/corner nozzle, or the easy-to-clean, reusable, high capacity filter bag. The extra powerful Pool Buster makes sure that every inch of any residential pool is sparkling clean.


  • Rechargeable 300-500 cycle battery w/Quick-Connect Plug
  • Long life, 8-10 hour recharger
  • High-Flow Vacuum Motor
  • On-Board Debris Catcher with Reusable, All-Purpose & Micro-Filter Sand
  • Wide Diameter (1″) Spot-Cleaning Nozzle
Pool Buster Manual Vacuum Cleaner

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