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PharmaSpa Scents

Hot Tub Accessories

PharmaSpa; Therapeutic Fragrances for A More Relaxing Experience!

Take your hot tub experience to the next level with some incredible fragrances that not only smell incredible, but also help to provide a completely relaxing and soothing aromatic soaking experience. Each PharmaSpa product provides unique benefits that have to be experienced. Whether you’re looking to open your nasal passages, relieve tired and sore muscles, sleep better, or even boost your energy levels – you’ll what you’re looking for in one of these scents.

All PharmaSpa products are available in Liquid (237 Ml. Bottles) or Crystal (385 Gr. Bottle) form.


  • Eucalyptus – recommended for people with respiratory issues, such as head cold and flu, also cooling, refreshing and stimulating
  • Tiger Balm – recommended for people with muscular aches, sprains, and helps boost circulation
  • Lavandula – recommended for people with sleep deprivation, helps to relax and has a soothing and calming effect
  • Articul-R – recommended for people with articular stiffness, helps to relax and sleep better
  • Phytomix – recommended for people who wish to improve their circulation and contains natural antiseptics
  • Energy – recommended for people who wish to enhance mental and physical performance, helps manage stress and boost energy levels
  • Waterfalls – is energizing, it helps refresh a tired mind and boosts circulation
  • Quiet Sea – is soothing with natural antioxidant properties
  • Evening Tide – is relaxing with exfoliating properties
  • Escape – is calming with its moisturizing and anti-aging benefits
  • Sensual River – is inspiring, it helps attract and retain moisture and reduce appearance of aging skin
  • Sunset Mist – is alleviating with relaxing and rejuvenating effects on the skin


PharmaSpa Scents


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