Resin Cantilever Umbrella Stand

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Look No Further Than The Resin Cantilever Umbrella Stand For Trusted Durability!

The Resin Cantilever Umbrella Stand is one of the largest and most resilient bases we offer with the ability to hold up to 400 lbs. of sand. The reason for the excess amount of base weight is to provide a sturdy and stable base in order to handle the weight of the cantilever umbrella. The easy to follow instructions allow you to adjust the bases footings to create a perfectly flat surface of the base to rest on. Meant for use with larger umbrellas including the 13′ Octagonal, 10′ x 13′ Rectangle, 11.5′ Square, and 11′ Octagonal Cantilever umbrellas. Available in both black and bronze to match your umbrella.


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Resin Sand Filled Cantilever Umbrella Base BASE-13-09

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