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Club Pro Oxidizer 1kg

Oxidizer, Generically known as Potassium Monopersulfate, oxidizer provides a non-chlorine method of oxidizing your pool water. Safer and less messy than using an unstabilized chlorine, it is just as effective in burning off organic contaminants and converting combined chlorine into free chlorine. It has relatively little effect on the other parameters of your pool water and you can also swim 30-45 minutes after its application. It is recommended as part of your regular weekly chemical treatment. The trade-off with unstabilized chlorine is that you cannot raise your chlorine residual with oxidizer as you can with unstabilized chlorine. If you have present or visible algae, always use an unstablized chlorine shock as oxidizer will not eliminate algae.

*Please read all labels before adding any chemical to your pool, follow all safety instructions and consult a pool professional if you have any questions.

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