Kreepy Krauly

Suction Side Pool Vacuums

Pentair Kreepy Krauly Pool Vacuum

The Kreepy Krauly pool vacuum from Pentair allows you to get the deepest clean for your swimming pool with legendary power and efficiency. This incredible pool vacuum features only operational moving part saving you the hassle of dealing with wheels, gears or diaphragms, not to mention you won’t need an expensive energy draining booster pump. The Kreepy Krauly vacuum system has been trusted for decades by over three million owners because of it’s powerful suction, and ability to clean from the pool bottom to the water line with ease.

Kreepy Krauly Features:

  • Clean large and small debris with ease
  • Only one moving part means no gears or wheels to deal with
  • Water flow adjusted by regulator valve for maximum cleaning performance
  • No expensive booster pump required
  • Easily installed in minutes with no additional tools required

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