Hayward Max Flo XL VS Pump

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Hayward Max Flo XL VS Pump; Reliability Meets Energy-Efficiency!
The Hayward Max Flo XL VS pool pump is powerful yet energy efficient. There is a 1.5HP option for circulating your pool water. Classic Hayward construction, and reliability, is combined with modern energy efficiency. This provides up to 80% savings on energy costs compared to ordinary single-speed pumps. The VS stands for variable speed, which allows you to control how much power you want your pump to output. With the Max-Flo VS you’ll be able to program your settings on the rotatable interface that’s fully integrated into the pump. Making operating and controlling much easier. The see-through container allows you to spot any clumps of debris that may accumulate, taking the guess work out of when to clean the basket.


  • 1.5HP Variable speed pump
  • Up to 80% savings on energy costs
Hayward Max Flo XL VS 1.5HP Pump

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