Club Pro Ultimate Opening Kit

Pool Opening Products

Start your season off with confidence. The premium Pool Opening Kit from Club Pro features up to 80,000 litres (21,000 gallons) of quality chemicals and treat above ground and inground pools. Make your pool shine with crystal clear water with the included 3 products.

The Premium Pool Opening Kit Includes:

1 Kg- chlorine-free oxidizing shock to rid the water of organic matter

1 Litre – stain and scale preventer (a sequestering agent) to protect your pool surface and prevent algae from forming

1 Litre – concentrate, non foaming algaecide to kill existing algae spores prevent algae from forming

Instructions For Use:

Ensure that you have already filled your pool with water and the pump is running

Add the stain and scale product to the pool to allow the pump to circulate the water for approximately 30 minutes

Broadcast across the surface of the pool, the oxidizer and allow for the pump to circulate for approximately 60 minutes

Add the bottle of algaecide by walking around the edge of the pool and allow for chemicals to continue to circulate overnight

The following day, test the pH and ensure that it is between 7.2 – 7.6

Start chlorinating your pool

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