ClearBlue Ionizer

Ozone and Ionizers


The Clear Blue Ionizer System is a tool for disinfecting water in pools, spas and fountains. The system replaces highly toxic chemicals with a process known as Ionization. ClearBlue continuously releases harmless microscopic ions into the water that seek and destroy bacteria, viruses and algae. Ions are picked up by the water as it passes over an electrode that is installed into the plumbing of your pool or spa. An ion is a molecule where the number of protons and electrons is different, giving the molecule a net positive or negative electrical charge. Because of this charge, ions are attracted to bacteria, viruses and algae and destroy them on contact. A ClearBlue Electrode is a metal fork that releases ions into the water according to the settings on the ClearBlue controller.

ClearBlue extracts a proprietary blend of pure elemental silver, copper and zinc ions to cleanse and purify the water, while leaving your skin smooth and soft after each swim or soak. Ion levels can be adjusted to the size of your pool and tub at the touch of a button. A test kit included with your ClearBlue allows you to test and optimize the levels for your liking.


  • Safe alternative to toxic chemicals
  • Clean, clear, and natural water
  • No chemical odours
  • Won’t dry your skin or hair
  • Will never cause rusting or corrosion
  • Low operating costs – electrodes last up to three seasons

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