Aqua Treadmill


It took over 20 years for our designer Leroy to come up with this brilliant yet simple idea – our patent pending sprocket system. The sprockets turn this capsule into a human powered vehicle that enables you to move across the water at speeds up to 16 kmh. You can also steer by putting all of your weight on one side or the other. Once you get tired of moving around you can use the Aqua Treadmill as a floating island with shade. We used a see-through construction for the body of the Aqua Treadmill so you can see where you are going. A high profile with bright colours makes the Aqua Treadmill highly visible on your favourite body of water. Everyone will want one once they see what it can do.


Measures 74″ x 74″ x 61″

Holds 1-3 person(s)

48″ high center cockpit

Ability to steer

8 drainage ports

Regular Price


WOW Aqua Treadmill 132030

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