Underwater Light Show and Fountain

Pool Lighting

Game Underwater Light Show & Fountain

The underwater light show and fountain projects bright colours underneath the surface of your pool. Light up the water in your pool in a fun way this season! The underwater light show floats on the surface of your swimming pool and brings a disco feel to the backyard. This light will create great ambiance for your next pool party or late night swim. The best part, this also acts as a fountain, shooting colour lit water above the surface. Made by Game. 30 Day Warranty.


Projects various colours onto the bottom of your pool

Shoots up colour lit water from the light while floating on the surface of your pool

Displays 4 colour options with the fountain and 8 colours in total for the light itself

Lighting coverage ranges from 10 to 15 feet from the 4 ULTRA Bright colourful LEDs inside

Fountain height approx. 2 feet in the air

Requires 4 D batteries, and includes a 1 hour auto-shut off

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