Atom – Retro

Pool Lighting

The ATOM Retro Series for AQUA/LAMP is the first ever pool light kit designed to easily replace older existing pool lights. If you are looking to upgrade your current white halogen light to a multi coloured LED or is you need to fix an old defective pool light the ATOM Retro can help! Using our simple detachable cable system and innovative adapter plate design, the ATOM Retro replaces existing pool lights in minutes! No need to replace cables or transformers. The Retro light uses only 12 Volts and you don’t need an electrician to make the switch! Replace your pool light with a high-efficient ATOM Retro, the results will amaze you!


(Voltage) 12V A/C

(Wattage) 12W

(Output) 900 Lumens

(Colours) Multi Plus

(Warranty) 3yrs

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